Hi, I'm Bob. I'm a tomato and I'm here to help! 

Welcome to the Ultimate VeggieTales Website Rules page. The following are the rulesthat you must follow to be able to use this website. Any violation of these rules could lead to temporary or permenant banishment. Please note that this is a Christian and family-friendly website. To help keep our website clean and safe, please report to the founder (Bobbereeno) or to an admin if there is someone violating these rules.


(Causes for ban/block)

  1. Vandalism — vandalism includes creating false characters, episodes, information, etc. related to fanfiction or nonsensical sources. Unless major vandalism is involved, the person will be given a warning prior banishment/blocking
  2. Spam — posting irrelevant and meaningless articles, comments, photos or links totally unrelated to this website. Spamming will lead to an immedeate ban/block
  3. Inappropriate content — creating innapropriate account names or commenting/posting articles with innapropriate words or images. This includes rude or obscene photos and comments, and the use of profanity (curse words) or perverted words results into immediate ban/block. Those with innappropriate account names will be asked to change their account names before a warning, or with be asked to not visit this website. 
  4. Blanking pages — "page blanking" (deleting the entire/some of the articles content) should be dealed with by warning, except when the blanking is obviously being done for malicious intent. 
  5. Fanfiction/Fanart — Users who post fanfiction or fanart in articles (such as characters, episodes, etc.), especially taken from a VeggieTales fanfiction website, will be given a warning prior to ban/block. However, Fanfiction and fanart is allowed in the form of blog. 
  6. Plagiarism — This includes copying work from Wikipedia and from other wikias. 
  7. Badges — please do not make pointless comments or edits in order to earn a badge. 


  1. No personal attacks or insults
  2. No profanity (curse words), including self-censoring (such as ****)
  3. No inappropriate comments or messages
  4. No spamming
  5. Be considerate of others chatting and do not be disruptive or irritating
  6. No violence
  7. No roleplaying


  1. Unless used for blogging or for profiles, do not upload any photos unrelated to this website
  2. No rude or inappropriate photos allowed
  3. Unless used for blogging or for profiles, do not upload fanart

Block length

  • First offense = Warning
  • Second offense = 1 day block
  • Third offense = 3 day block
  • Fourth offense = 1 week block
  • Fifth offense = 1 month block
  • Sixth offense = 3 month block
  • Seventh offense = Infinite block

If it's a high offense, warnings and lighter bans will be skipped for harsher punishment. 

If you have any questions about our guidelines, please message the founder, Bobbereeno or co-owner FalcoLombardi99. Thank you!