Li'l Pea
Lil' Pea
Vital statistics
Title Li'l Pea
Gender Male
Vegetable/Fruit Pea
First Episode Appearance The Toy That Saved Christmas
Voice Actor Lesly Benodin and Mike Nawrocki

Li'l Pea is a minor character in VeggieTales.


Li'l Pea is the youngest member of The Pea Family. He is rarely seen without his older brother, Percy Pea. He first appears in The Toy That Saved Christmas as a resident of Dinkletown and one of the many children in the town that whined for a Buzz-Saw Louie doll after seeing Mr. Nezzer's commercial. 

He also appears in Larry-Boy and the Fib from Outer Space! with his brother Percy after seeing Invasion of the Cow Snatchers at the Bumblyburg movie theater. 

He returns in the second Larry-Boy adventure, Larry-Boy And The Rumor Weedagain after seeing a movie (The Pecking), and is robbed from his milk money by the Milk Money Bandit (who is brought to justice by Larry-Boy). He also appears as a student of the Veggie Valley School and with his dad at the Bumblyburg library.


Lil' Pea is a smaller version of his brother. Like him, he has freckles. In the Larry-Boy episodes he appears in, he wears a cap almost identical to his older brother's.


  • Himself in "The Toy That Saved Christmas"
  • Himself in "Larry-Boy and the Fib From Outer Space!"
  • Himself in "LarryBoy and the Rumor Weed"
  • Himself in "Bully Trouble on "Minnesota Cuke And The Search For Samson's Hairbrush"
  • Himself in "Saint Nicholas A Story Of Joyful Giving"
  • Job's Son in "Job's Hard Luck Life"

Fun Facts


  • There is a jopponian pea in "Jonah A VeggieTales Movie" resembles to Li'l.
  • Li'l Pea is part of Veggie Valley Grade School's swim team.
  • In "Foal Play" Li'l is played as a indian.