Larry the Cucumber
Vital Statistics
Name Larry the Cucumber
Gender Male
Vegetable/Fruit Cucumber
First Episode Appearance Where's God When I'm S-Scared?
Voice Actors Michael Nawrocki, Mike Nawrocki

Larry the Cucumber co-hosts VeggieTales with his best friend Bob the Tomato

In a regular episode the two introduce and close the shows on a stage-like countertop. During the intro they read letters (later emails) from children with questions, answering them with a story and a Bible verse (which is shown during a running gag, the "What We Have Learned" song, which Larry finds entertaining, but Bob finds annoying).

Larry is also famous for his recurring mid-show musical segments, Silly Songs With Larry, in which he performs a silly song. He also has a few recurring roles in stories, such as Milward Phelps, Buccaneer Larry (or Elliot), Minnasota Cuke, and his secret alter-ego, the comical plunger-headed protector of Bumblyburg, Larry-Boy.


Larry is a silly and friendly cucumber, and somewhat has the personality of a 'goofy sidekick'. He is an often comical character (sometimes to the annoyance of Bob or Archibald Asparagus) besides his performances in Silly Songs. Even with his silliness, Larry is a very lovable cucumber.


Larry is an average sized cucumber in his early 20s. A notable feature is that he only has one tooth. In his acting roles, he usually has a hat, clothing, and/or facial hair. 




  • Larry is voiced by Mike Nawrocki, who voices many of the other characters, including Scallion #2, Jerry Gourd, Jean Claude, and The Peach.
  • During the first two episodes, Larry has more of a low, 'dopey' voice. Since then, his voice had evolved into a much higher voice closer to Mike Nawrocki's.
  • Larry evolved from a chocolate bar character. When Phil Vischer was in the process of creating a character for his show, he made a candy bar character, which he intended to use. But his wife, Lisa Vischer (who provides the voice for Junior Asparagus), saw the character and told Phil that parents would not like it if their children fell in love with a candy-based character, forcing Phil to scrap the idea. But then he thought of what parents would like their children to fall in love with, thus giving him the idea of making him a cucumber,
  • Larry's favorite supeheroes are Spider-Man and Batman. 
  • His favorite TV show is "Sonny and Cher."
  • His favorite food are Chicago hot dogs (hold the pickle).
  • His favorite form of transportation is the Slip 'N Slide.
  • His favorite pastime is anything involving power tools.
  • His favorite movie quote is "It happens every time, they all become blueberries!" from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.
  • His favorite board game is Candy Land.
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