French Peas
Vital Statistics
Name French Peas
Vegetable Peas
First Episode Appearance Dave and the Giant Pickle
Voice Actors Phil Vischer, Mike Nawrocki, Chris Olsen, Kurt Heinicke, Brian K. Roberts

The French Peas are characters in VeggieTales. They are a group of French peas, as their name clearly implies. They are led by Jean Claude and Phillippe (formerly Jean Claude and Cristoffe).

They make their debut as the Phillistines in Dave and the Giant Pickle, taunting the Israelites and planning to make them their slaves (in which they fail). Another notable appearance for the Peas is in Josh and the Big Wall as Jericho's gaurds.

Named members of the French Peas are:


NOTE: The appearances listed below are the French Peas' appearances when they are in a group (at least three). For the appearances of Jean Claude and Phillippe alone, visit their pages.


  • The French Peas' taunting in Dave and the Giant Pickle and Josh and the Big Wall is a clear reference to the Frenchmen from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.