Fibrilious Minimus
Vital Statistics
Name Fib
Gender Male
Vegetable/Fruit Alien
First Episode Appearance Larry-Boy! & the Fib from Outer Space!
Voice Actor Tim Gregory

Fib is a character in VeggieTales. He appears as in Larry-Boy! & the Fib from Outer Space! as the villain. Fib, an alien that had fallen from outer space and into the city of Bumblyburg, met Junior Asparagus after he had broken his Dad's limited edition collector's plate. He convinced Junior to lie about how the plate was broken.

Every time Junior lied, the Fib would grow bigger. When the Fib had grown to a monstrous size, he took Junior captive and started causing destruction in Bumblyburg. After Larry-Boy arrived at the scene, the Fib retreated to the water tower, which he climbed to the top. Junior finds out only he can defeat the Fib by telling the truth. He confesses that he was the one who broke the plate, and the Fib shrinks until he vanishes from sight.


Fib starts out as a blue lumpy ball-shaped creature with an antenna on top of his head. When someone continues lying he soon grows into a giant monster with arms and legs.