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The Dark Crow (sometimes known as D.C.) is the defender of Lollyhaven. He is also one of Bok Choy's students at Bumblyburg Community College.


It's unknown about Dark Crow's past, but it was at his hand, or lack of hands, that the nefarious Whoop-Golly Gang was captured and put behind bars. He also had a history with Greta Von Gruesome in the past.

Dark Crow attends Superhero Class at the neighboring town of Bumblyburg.


A thinking type of hero, Dark Crow is dedicated to hunting down and defeating evil whatever it may lurk. However, this causes him to sleep too much.

Unlike Larry-Boy, he takes his job seriously and thinks he's not a real hero.

Physical Appearance and abilities

The Dark Crow is a Hispanic purple grape. He speaks in a Spanish accent.

He wears a metallic suit that resembles a motorcycle helmet with a yellow fin and mask plate. He also wears a purple belt and a yellow cape. Concept art displays the suit, resembling a crow's head. In some of the book adaptions, his suit is red and black.

Much like Larry-Boy, his super suit is mechanical. Each side of the suit has a utility disc that contains retractable talons, that act as his hands. He also has wings that pop out from behind and make him glide.


  • Leggo My Ego! (debut)
  • The Yodelnapper!
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Eggly

Voice Actors

  • Larry Whitaker (Leggo My Ego! only)
  • José Vincenté (The Yodelnapper! onwards)

Fun Facts

  • Dark Crow's name comes from Batman's nickname, "The Dark Knight", fused with the dark superhero, The Crow.
    • His foreign background is similar to Marvel's Black Panther.
  • His initials "D.C." is a reference towards DC Comics.
  • In the book adaption of The Good, the Bad, and the Eggly, it reveals he protects the farming community of Maisefield. It's possible that Maisefield is part of Lollyhaven.
  • In the book adaption, it also describes his color palette differently from his show adaption. The Dark Crow in his book adaption is red with a black supersuit instead of a dark purple and yellow palette.
  • Despite what the bio says, he's never seen asleep aside from Bumblyburg Map.
  • Dark Crow's appearance and voice is similar to Meta Knight from the Kirby franchise.
  • Dark Crow resembles Jupiter from Mega Man V.
  • He is the only grape character who is not green.