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• 1/26/2017

Adding images

HI everyone! I just joined the wiki and I think I have something to bring to the table...lots of things actually. I have collected many different (a majority of which are high res) images of the Veggie characters over the years and I wanted to know how I can help and add them to their respective pages.

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• 1/27/2017

Welcome, Bluelobster99! Glad to have you join us. You can add individual images here.

In order to add images to pages, you use edit mode (there is a button on the upper left side of every page), but for most pages, you need to be an administrator to edit them. I'll add you to the admin list so you can have that privilege.

As an admin you can also add multiple photos at once (option can be found through the "Admin" button on the bar menu at the bottom of the page). I hope this helps. If you need anything else, I'm here to help :)

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